© Tatyana Bessmertnaya, 2009

It seems as if the theme of the beauty of the human body will be everlasting. It’s true: we can continuously be impressed by the grandeur of a swan, by the eloquent saunter of a cat, or by the sensitive elegance of a horse, but the human figure holds for us an exceptional meaning. The personal feelings and taboos related to the body augment the spectrum and diversity of impressions. This subject at least as old as so-called Venus figurines carved ten thousands years ago. In fine art paintings, the ability to portray the female form changes from the primitive illustrations of the Romanesque Era to the lifelike, detailed masterpieces of Rafaello and Titian. The motionless beauty of archaic Egyptian and Greek statues can be compared to the dynamic expression of Michelangelo and Bernini. Photography, practically from its very beginning, regarded this theme, at times exposing the body’s nudity, at times hiding it in the light and shadow’s play.

With such a rich history, is it possible to add something else? I believe it is possible, as it is possible to write a new poem about love.

About my art making process

I used image transfer due to the fact that this method hid minuscule details belonging to the real human body, giving it the appearance of a marble statue, and therefore acquiring its name.